вторник, 28 септември 2010 г.

Излезе новият брой на WIPO Magazine

WIPO публикува новият брой 4 от 2010 на WIPO Magazine. В броя може да прочетете:
* An Interview with WIPO Director General Francis Gurry
* Dialing for development: How mobile phones are transforming the lives of millions
* India's evolving popular music landscape
* Milestones in Solar Aviation
* Innovation Promotion in Brazil
* Five Steps to Protect Your Trademarks in the Web 2.0 World
* Anyone for coffee? The story behind the coffee capsule
* Uncovering A Thousand Years of Science and Technology
* Mechanisms for Promoting Green Investment
* Profiling IP - WIPO launches new IP Advantage database
* International Copyright Forum: "Music: Sounding Out the Future"
* Facilitating Access to Culture in the Digital Age: Emerging Copyright Licensing Models