четвъртък, 28 октомври 2010 г.

OHIM - Interview with Michal Havlik - OHIM - Интервю с Michal Havlik

OHIM публикува интервю с чешкия адвокат занимаващ се с въпроси на интелектуалната собственост, г-н Michal Havlik.

What do you think of the CTM?
I can only compare it with the Czech and Slovak offices. We appreciate the speed, transparency and ease of communication with OHIM. What’s not so good is that sometimes we see that CTMs with dubious distinctiveness are registered. Perhaps the standard for distinctiveness is lower than in most national offices in Europe.

For example, in the Czech Republic we sometimes file oppositions based on CTMs and the Czech Office may disregard them because of the low level of distinctiveness so the opposition is rejected. The Czech Office’s attitude is: if it was us, we wouldn’t have let them through. We’ve seen a few such cases.

Should OHIM be stricter?
Maybe. Most importantly, OHIM should meet more regularly with the national offices to ensure examination standards for distinctiveness and especially descriptiveness should be applied consistently.

Цялото интервю може да откриете тук.

The whole interview can be found here.