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The evidence of use of a mark - Доказване използване на една марка

Alicante News публикува информация за решение на The First Board of Appeal касаещо доказателства за действително използване на една марка.
Според решението, като доказателство може да послужи и клетвена декларация от страна на служител в заинтересованата компания, която доказва използването на марката.
Изискването е декларацията да бъде изчерпателна и убедителна.
Становището на Борда е:

Annex 27 is an affidavit. The document was rejected by the Opposition Division on the grounds that it was ‘prepared’ by an employer (sic) of the opponent. The Board observes that the affidavit was not merely ‘prepared’, but signed. It is the signature, rather than the ‘preparation’, that gives a document all its value: it is the person who signs a document who takes responsibility for the contents thereof.
Doubts concerning the trustworthiness of the declaration may always exist but must be based on objective elements, such as the existence of contradictions in the declaration or of manifestly implausible statements or suspiciously vague or reticent wording. As the General Court stated in its judgement of 7 June 2005 in Case T-303/03 Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG v OHIM (‘Salvita’) [2005] ECR II-1917, at paragraph 42, ‘in order to assess the strength of a document as evidence, one should first of all look at the plausibility of the information it contains. To this
effect, one should in particular consider who issued the document, in which circumstances it was produced, to whom it is intended and if, on the basis of its contents, it appears reasonable and reliable’.

Цялото решение може да откриете тук.
информация Marques Class 46.

English version

Alicante News publishes information for decision The First Board of Appeal concerning the evidence of actual use of a mark.
According to the decision as evidence could be used, and a solemn declaration by the employee in the company concerned that demonstrates the use of the mark.
The requirement is that the statement be comprehensive and conclusive.
The opinion of the Board is:

The full text of the decision can be found here.
information Marques Class 46.