вторник, 10 май 2011 г.

A guide for stimulation of pharmaceutical production - Ръководство за стимулиране на фармацефтичното производство

ООН публикува Ръководство за стимулиране на фармацефтичното производство в развиващите се държави чрез използване на правата на интелектуална собственост. Целта на това Ръководство накратко е:
The objective of the present Guide is to provide concise and practical information on ways to promote local pharmaceutical production and improve access to medicines through a variety of policy tools, focusing on the flexibilities provided under the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), and the interfaces between IP, investment, drugs regulation and procurement strategies. The Guide will be an important tool for training activities for stakeholders from selected developing countries, in an effort to build capacities for the creation of domestic legal frameworks conducive to the promotion of pharmaceutical production and supply capacities.
Ръководството може да бъде открито тук.

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UN publish guidelines to encourage pharmaceutical production in developing countries through the use of intellectual property rights. The purpose of this manual in brief is:
The guide can be found here.