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Honmono. Genuine Goods- Intellectual Property Comics - Honmono. Genuine Goods- Комикс за интелектуална собственост

Напоследък стана модерно теорията касаеща интелектуалната собственост да се представя нагледно в разбираема форма. В случая става дума за поредния комикс, чийто сюжет засяга въпроси отнасящи се до интелектуалната собственост. Негов автор е японеца Emiko Iwasaki, който представя произведението си по следния начин:

HONMONO is my first manga. It was harder than I thought to write a story from scratch from start to finish. In the production process, I was greatly inspired by the various professionals who were involved in the project. This experience has been a very valuable one for me. Above all, I really appreciate the approach of the people at WIPO and the editorial staff toward my work. Because they respected the originality of the work and my own creative process, I was able to work on the story in my own way. I am grateful to all concerned for this fantastic opportunity and the environment they provided for me, which empowered me to produce my first manga. I am very motivated to work hard to build on this experience and hope to produce more manga that will be popular with readers. Thank you very much!
Emiko Iwasaki

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It became fashionable recently the theory concerning intellectual property to be presented graphically in an understandable way. In the case in question we are talking about a new comic whose plot involves issues relating to intellectual property. Its author is Japanese Emiko Iwasaki, who presented his work in the following way:

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