четвъртък, 28 юли 2011 г.

European Patent News - Европейски патентни новини

Излезе брой 2 на бюлетина на Европейското патентно ведомство касаещ патентни новини в Европа.
В броя ще откриете:

Tips for Espacenet users
President's blog
Common citation documents coming to Espacenet
Unitary patent takes shape
EPO, USPTO and KIPO to extend collaborative search and examination pilot
Good progress in IP5 on Common Documentation
An event for patent information professionals
EPO's Raw Data Day 2011
Data news
Publications corner
News from Asia
"East meets West" or "North meets South"?
ePatents and SurfIP – patent information from Singapore
Taiwanese file histories now
publicly available
Improved searching of supplementary information in chemical and pharmaceutical patents
Romania's publication server – further progress within the EPN
Other news

Повече информация може да откриете тук.

English version

Issue 2 of Bulletin of the European Patent Office concerning patent news in Europe was published.
In this issue you will find:

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