понеделник, 17 октомври 2011 г.

Patent Troll Myths - Митове за патентните тролове

PatantlyO публикува интересна статия на Michael Risch професор от the Villanova University School of Law относно това до каква степен патентните тролове действително са вредни и какви са митовете свързани с тях.
За да отговори на поставените въпроси професор Risch осъществява свое изследване, което може да откриете тук.
Изследването обхваща:
- Background;
- Methodology and Data Collection;
- Phase I: NPEs and their Litigation;
- Phase II: Patents;
- Phase III: Initial Assignee;
- Testing NPE Criticism;
- Are Litigious NPEs a Recent Phenomenon?
- Are NPE Patents All Business Methods?
- Are NPE Patents Low Quality?
- Do NPE Patents Come From Nonproductive Endeavors?
- Who Obtained NPE Patents?
- Corporate Patent Owners Were Productive Companies
- The Role of Individuals
- Do NPEs Get Their Patents from Fire Sales?
- Do NPEs Really Wait for an Industry to Develop?
- Testing NPE Justifications
- Do NPEs Promote Investment in Startups?
- Are Small Companies Crushed by Larger Infringers?
- Do NPEs Provide Better Enforcement Avenues for Individuals?

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PatantlyO published an interesting article by Professor Michael Risch the Villanova University School of Law on the extent to which patent trolls are actually harmful and what are the myths associated with them.
To answer the questions Professor Risch performed a study which can be found here.
The survey covers: