вторник, 8 май 2012 г.

Промяна в ръководството на OHIM - Change in the OHIM Manual

OHIM оповести следните промени в ръководството касаещо практиката на ведомството:

Part A. General Provisions

Page 35: The current practice reflected in the manual (Part A. General Provisions, paragraph 6.3) states that “corrections can be made for at least within a period of one year from the entry in the Register”. However, since the regulations do not provide for any time limits, corrections should be made as soon as the mistake has been detected, including, when necessary, years after the original entry was made in the register.

Промените влизат в сила от 01.05.2012г.

English version

OHIM announced the following changes in the manual of it practices:
Changes take effect from 01.05.2012.