понеделник, 8 юли 2013 г.

Madrid Highlights No. 2/2013

Излезе второто издание на Madrid Highlights за 2013 година. В броя ще откриете:

Accession of India
Accession of Rwanda
International Registrations Cont
aining a Designation of the Phili
ppines: Requirement to File
Declarations of Actual Use of the Mark
Changes in the Amounts of the
Individual Fee under Article 8(7)
of the Madrid Protocol
New Layout of Certificates of
International Registrations
New Statistical Information Available Online
New Services of the Client Records Unit
MADRID UNION.................4
Inadmissibility of Requests to Change an Inte
rnational Registration to Include a Standard
Character Claim Where such Claim Was not
Made in the Corresponding International
New Version of the Madrid G
oods & Services Manager (MGS)
Improvement of the Madrid
Real–Time Status (MRS)
MADRID TIPS...............6
Practical Examples on the Implem
entation of the Madrid System:
Article 14(5) of the Madrid
Tips to Avoid Format Mistakes on
the Lists of Goods and Services
International Trademark Association (INTA) 2013
Seminar on the Madrid System for the
International Registration of Marks
WIPO Publication: “Protecting Your Marks Ab
road: the Madrid System”: New Edition in
English and Chinese
What Users Say About the Madrid System:
Two New Video Interviews under Production
Madrid Union Map
CONTACT US...............12

English version

The second issue of  Madrid Highlights for 2013 is released. In this issue you will find: