петък, 28 януари 2011 г.

Брой 6 на WIPO Magazine

Брой 6 на списанието на WIPO беше публикуван. В брой може да откриете:
  • Promoting innovation: An economic perspective - Against the backdrop of one of the world’s most serious and widespread economic crises, and a rapidly evolving technological and geo-economic landscape, governments and businesses around the globe are grappling with an abiding question – how to promote innovation, secure economic growth and boost development. In this interview WIPO’s Chief Economist, Carsten Fink, explores economic perspectives on the role that IP plays in promoting innovation, growth and development.
  • IP’s online market – the economic forces at play - In 2010, WIPO launched a Seminar Series on the Economics of Intellectual Property (IP) to explore the interface between the two areas. At the September seminar, Professor Hal Varian examined the economic forces at play in the online market for IP. He focused on how to encourage legitimate transactions of online content by reducing the costs associated with identifying IP right owners.
  • Managing IP at CERN - After several years of experience in the field of technology transfer, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) recently formalized a policy linked to its technology transfer activities. In this article, CERN’s Knowledge and Technology Transfer Group outline the details of that policy.
  • WIPO Member States endorse reforms - This year’s meetings of WIPO’s Assemblies - which saw the participation of 64 ministers as well as delegations from 184 member states - were unique, featuring the appearance of iconic singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder. The musician’s impassioned plea for governments to reach agreement on enhanced accessibility of copyright content for persons with physical disabilities set the tone of the meetings which went on to endorse reforms led by Director General Francis Gurry.