сряда, 7 март 2012 г.

Списание WIPO- брой 1/2012 - WIPO Magazine 1/2012

Брой първи за 2012 година на списанието на WIPO излезе. В броя може да откриете следните теми:

- Message from WIPO Director General Francis Gurry
- Rugby, Rights and Revenues
- WIPO Lex: IP law at your fingertips
- Pioneering Green Innovation: An interview with General Electric
- Safeguarding Design Assets: A UK Perspective
- The Changing Face of Innovation
- Publisher reigned in on race data copyright claim
- Celebrating Culture: IP & Arts Festivals
- In the News

Повече информация може да откриете тук.

English version

WIPO Magazine 1/2012. In this issue you may find the following topics:

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