вторник, 14 май 2013 г.

Определяне на обезщетения за нарушаване на права върху марки във Великобритания - Determination of damages in case of trademark rights infrigement in the UK

Marques Class 46 публикува статия разглеждаща въпроса за определяне на размера на обещетенията при нарушаване на права върху търговски марки във Великобритания.
Казусът касае спор относно търговски марки използвани за online казина.
Съдът прави следното заключение относно размера на обезщетението:

- there are limits to the extent to which a court would have regard to the parties' actual attributes when assessing damages on the "user" principle -- that the amount awarded would represent the sum that the infringer would be reasonably expected to pay the trade mark owner for the wrongful use, had there been a relationship between them of willing licensor and willing licensee.

- it would be assumed that both parties would have been willing to make a deal and would have acted reasonably -- even if, in reality, that was not the case. 

- in an IP context, the "actual licensor" and "actual licensee" are assumed to bargain "as they are, with their strengths and weaknesses". 

- the fact that a non-infringing alternative to using the plaintiff's mark existed was a relevant factor in calculating a reasonable royalty.

По преценка на съда, съобразно горното, е отсъдено обезщетение в размер на 150 000 паунда.
Решението на съда може да откриете тук.
Повече информация по казуса може да откриете тук и тук.

English version

Marques Class 46 has published an article examining the question of determining the amounts of compensation for infringement of trademark rights in the UK. 
The case concerned a dispute regarding trademarks used for online casinos. 
The court made ​​the following conclusion about the amount of compensation:

At the discretion of the court, taking into account all above, the awarded damages were150 thousand pounds. 
The court's decision can be found here. 
More information on the case can be found here and here.