четвъртък, 6 март 2014 г.

Излезе новият брой на WIPO Magazine - The new issue of WIPO Magazine

Новият брой на WIPO Magazine е вече публикуван. В броя може да откриете:

WIPO GREEN: The place to go for green tech
Green technology diffusion: Insights from industry
Supporting indigenous communities at the grassroots
Giving innovation wings: How Boeing uses its IP
A Market-Based Alternative to Patent System Challenges    
Russia’s new IP Сourt    
Welsh + Whisky = Gold (Faraday’s Law)
In the Courts: Fox teaches infringer a costly lesson
Nigerian innovators get connected 
Повече информация може да откриете тук.

English version

 The new issue of WIPO Magazine is published. In this issue you can find:
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