вторник, 27 март 2012 г.

Patent Information news 1/2012

Европейското патентно ведемоство публикува брой първи за 2012 на Patent Information News.
В броя ще откриете:

Letter to the editor
Patent translate goes live
EPO and JPO to co-operate on machine translation
Case Law from the Contracting States to the EPC 2004–2011 is now available online
Catalogue of Differing Practices published
Patent statistics for decision making
Korea joins common citation document service
URL changes for OPS versions 2.6.1 and 2.6.2
Faster searching on GPI
CPC update
New patent information training courses
News from Asia
What you missed in the last issue
Publications corner
EPO on the road
Guidelines for Examination: new edition
Other news

Повече информация тук.

English version

The European Patent Office published edition 1/2012 of Patent Information News.
In this edition you can find:

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