понеделник, 12 декември 2011 г.

Списание WIPO- брой 5/2011 - WIPO Magazine 5/2011

WIPO публикува брой 5 на WIPO Magazine. В списанието ще откриете:

- Movie magic – moving forward
- Switching on to solar - goodbye kerosene
- The Manga phenomenon
- Architecture & copyright controversies
- Stefan Behnisch on architecture
- YikeBike spells urban freedom
- Without a songwriter there is no song
- IP Education – what next? A view from the Southern Cone
- The art of fiction: making the familiar new
- Technology Transactions: Managing Risks Arising from Disputes

Повече информация може да откриете тук.

English version

WIPO have published WIPO Magazine 5/2011. In the magazine you will find:

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