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USPTO със стратегически план - USPTO with strategic plan

USPTO публикува стратегическият си план за развитие в периода 2014-2018. Планът е фокусиран върху няколко основни момента върху които ще се работи през следващите години, по конкретно оптимизира качеството на издаваните патенти и търговски марки, нужното време за това, както и да подобри защитата и правоприлагането относно правата на интелектуалната собственост. Други основни елементи в плана са:
  1. Working with stakeholders to refine long-term pendency goals that will meet the needs of both the office and the IP community.
  2. Increasing efficiencies and examination capacity to align with optimal pendency goals, such as hiring/retaining a nationwide workforce.
  3. Increasing international cooperation and work sharing, such as implementing Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) and the Global Dossier.
  4. Continuing to enhance patent quality by evaluating and refining the measurement of quality data, and maximizing its usage to improve the quality of patent and trademark examination.
  5. Ensuring optimal IT service delivery to both employees and stakeholders, for example, by stabilizing legacy systems.
  6. Continuing and enhancing stakeholder and public outreach to promote the availability of educational resources for applicants and other users; e.g., the patent pro bono program and partnerships.
  7. Maintaining the Patent Trial and Appeal Board’s (PTAB) ability to provide timely and high quality decisions by defining optimal pendencies for PTAB proceedings, and ensuring consistency in PTAB decisions.

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USPTO has published its strategic plan for development in the period 2014-2018. The plan focuses on several main points in the coming years, in particular  to optimize patent and trdaemark quality, the timeliness and to improve the protection and enforcement on intellectual property rights. Other key elements of the plan are:
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